Everything You Don’t Want in Your Phoenix Home


You always hear about what you should have in your home, but we’re gonna talk about what you don’t want in your house in Phoenix, Arizona. These aren’t your typical considerations, either – some are pretty random items or amenities. Just goes to show how unique it really is to live in Phoenix!  



  1. Wax 

The first thing you should avoid is wax – candles, crayons, lip balm, etc. If you aren’t careful, it’ll melt and end up a sticky mess. I moved to Phoenix as a single dad and found out the hard way…my kids’ crayons melted all over the place. Now, this goes without saying, but you especially want to avoid leaving these items in your car!

  1. Fireplace

Another thing you don’t want in your Phoenix home is a fireplace. It’s hot enough that you’d barely need it, but your nice, cool air conditioning can also escape up through it. 

  1. Two Stories

A two-story home is not ideal in Phoenix. Heat rises, so the second floor would always be hotter. Plus, your energy bill would be way more expensive with two stories. 

  1. Carpet

The next thing you don’t want in your Phoenix home is carpet. Arizona is so dusty that it’s almost inevitable that your carpet will end up tracked with dirt. Tile is the way to go – it’s easier to clean, and much cooler too!

  1. Closed Floor Plan

A closed floor plan is also not ideal here in the desert. Open floor plans allow for more air circulation and will also save money on your energy bill. 

  1. Window A/C Unit 

Another thing you should avoid is a window air conditioning unit. Having central air conditioning in Phoenix is absolutely necessary. 

  1. Trees touching your house

Here in Arizona, if you have palm trees near your roof, you’ll get roof rats or tree rats. Place your trees a little ways away from your home. 

  1. Proximity to a Commercial Glass Building 

Do not live near a commercial glass building. Not only are these glass sheets blinding, they also reflect extreme heat! People’s trash cans have melted from the heat near these types of buildings.

  1. East-to-west Facing House

As opposed to an East-to-West facing house, you should look for a North-to-south facing house. This will alleviate the heat from the sun throughout the day, which will give you a higher resale value as well.

  1. Sunken Living Room 

Another thing to not get in your home is a sunken living room. These were popular in the ‘50s but the modern building standards are leg-breakers!

  1. Mud Room 

Back east, lots of homes have mud rooms where you can take off your winter gear before going inside. Here in Arizona, we usually enter through the garage and it’s our de facto mud room, so putting one in your home would be a waste of space. Front doors are mostly for our guests here. 

Want to learn more tips and tricks about moving to the Phoenix metro area? Contact Snowbird Nation at 1-8555-SBN-SBN (726-726)! In the meantime, check out our relocation guide for more information on the nuances of moving to Arizona: https://t.ly/AVZa 



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