Snowbird Nation and Dillons BBQ!


Brooks and Sarah tried out another restaurant last week called Dillon’s KC Style BBQ! As Sarah said, the local restaurant chain is a “Phoenix Phenomenon”! It’s also not like your typical chain restaurant – each location has a totally different feel to it. 

We visited the location in Glendale, which is themed like a sports bar! The other locations are a Western / cowboy theme, a boat theme, and a zoo theme. 



Even though the themes are different at each location, all of the menus are the same. You know you’re getting good food no matter where you go.

Our waitress said they’re known for their brisket so of course I had to order it….along with the fried jalapeños, chicken wings, and onion rings. I also got baked beans and mac & cheese. It was all DELICIOUS. 

I even took my niece and nephew to Dillon’s recently because it has tasty options for everyone in the family. You won’t be disappointed! 



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