Things to Know about Living in Phoenix

If you’re moving to Phoenix, the first thing you’ll want to do is grab our relocation guide here

Easy to Navigate 

Phoenix is super easy to get around because our road system is in a grid on a bullseye. Our highways make it so easy to get anywhere fast. 


Not all Desert

We have mountains all over the city, and we even have snow-capped mountains up in Flagstaff.


So much to do!

We are heavy and bent on recreating down here. People are eating, shopping, running, walking, all over the place and all day long. 


No basements 

Most houses in Phoenix don’t have a basement. But what we lack in basements, we make up for with pools. 


Smaller Homes 

The average home size is a little smaller here compared to back east or up north. That’s because in Arizona, we live OUTSIDE! 


Solar Power is King

The sun is the best power of energy we have so it helps to lower costs.


Plan a Summer Escape

Basically everyone in Phoenix has a plan of where they can go cool off for at least one week over the summer. Plan your summer accordingly!


Phoenix is a Destination Location 

There’s Barrett-Jackson, there’s Spring Training, there’s so many beautiful places to enjoy. You’re in a place that people wanna be! 


Jobs jobs jobs! 

I was having a lemonade at an adult lemonade stand the other day…you can find basically any job you want out here. There’s huge manufacturing plants coming into town, there’s distribution plants for Amazon… and there’s always more and more coming up.


Huge RV Community 

You can’t drive down any suburban street in Phoenix without seeing an RV. RV culture is huge down here. They’re great for those summer escapes I mentioned, or even just a quick weekend trip with the family in a nice little second home.

The nice thing about the southwest is that you can really park your RV anywhere you want for about two weeks. As long as it’s not city or personal property. 

There’s so much more I want to tell you about moving to Phoenix, it’s nearly impossible to cover it all! Our YouTube channel has a bunch more fun and informative videos about Phoenix. Call Brooks at 1-8555-SBN-SBN (726-726) or visit to get in touch with us.





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