Why Move to Goodyear Arizona

Why are people moving to Goodyear Arizona?

For starters, it’s great for any family size. We have some amazing school options, whether it is private, public or charter, you really can’t go wrong with any decision you make there. If you’re single, there’s a great dating scene. There are bars all around, things to do, seasonal baseball games, the Reds stadium is right down the street! There’s a hot sauce factory where you get to try a free sample, there are a ton of things that you could do for your date day in Goodyear, AZ. 

We have some of the largest market players down here in Goodyear, AZ, we have REI, Amazon, it’s so good that Nike just bought a place for 90 million dollars (cash money!) to have their factory based out of Goodyear, AZ!

Pretty soon, from what I hear, there’s going to be two jobs, for every one person, it’s a huge draw.

Goodyear is a great location to go to other locations as well. It’s on the way to California and during our hot summers, us venetians (unsure the term for spelling) go out to San Diego, it’s where the beach is, and it’s only a couple hours away. Grand Canyon, only a couple hours away. So, Goodyear is a good proximity location to go to Scotsdale, California, it’s a good jump off point if it gets too hot for you.

The interesting thing about Goodyear’s history, it’s called Goodyear because Goodyear tires started here. We have the best cotton around, and believe it or not, tires back in the day, they had cotton in them. So, the Goodyear company came down here, had a whole lot of cotton fields, made the entire city based around it and that is why it’s called Goodyear, AZ.

Also in Goodyear, AZ you get a lot more house for your money. I live in Goodyear, AZ and I have a great house, first pool I’ve ever owned! You get larger property lots, larger houses, a lot of two stories out there and you get more room.  A lot of places in Phoenix, you’re all squished together, a lot of the new builds, you’re all squished together, but in Goodyear, AZ you have room to walk around, barbeque, meet your neighbors, you know, really enjoy. 

In Goodyear, AZ, the hiking trails, the biking trails, the gyms, are all really nearby. You have Estrella Mountain Park which is just south of the community. You have Lifetime Fitness that just opened up there that’s right in the heart of Goodyear and Goodyear, AZ has the largest movie screen in the state! Believe it or not, the Harkins down the road, they have an 82 foot movie screen, it’s insane! 

There’s a bunch of different reasons why you would want to consider moving to Goodyear, AZ but if you want to know more about getting a home in Goodyear, AZ click the link in the description.


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